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Pitfalls during biomechanical testing - Evaluation of different fixation methods for measuring tendons endurance properties. Biomechanical properties of reinforced bone-anterior cruciate ligament-bone allografts for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in rabbits.

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Does a different dose of gamma irradiation have the same effect on five different types of tendon allografts? Use of supercritical carbon dioxide technology for fabricating a tissue engineering scaffold for anterior cruciate ligament repair.

Effects of bone types, particle sizes, and gamma irradiation doses in feline demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft. Biomechanical considerations are crucial for the success of tendon and meniscus allograft integration-a systematic review.

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Allogeneic and xenogeneic tissue repair materials: How to choose a suitable virus inactivation process. The perspectives of intra-articular therapy in the management of osteoarthritis. Lack of standardization among clinical trials of injection therapies for knee osteoarthritis: a systematic review. Pharmacological therapy of knee osteoarthritis - an update.

Patient has a localized articular cartilage defect of the femoral condyle or the trochlea of the knee. Note: defect size can be estimated by MRI at visit 1 if no data is available from medical history. Note: status of meniscus can be estimated at visit 1 if no data is available from medical history.

Intra-articular IA injections of hyaluronic acid HA in the symptomatic treatment of gonarthrosis: a meta-analysis of single injections mono-injections. Combined intra-articular injection of corticosteroid and hyaluronic acid reduces pain compared to hyaluronic acid osteoarthritis treatment 2020 in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

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Mono-injection intra-articulaire d'acide hyaluronique dans la gonarthrose : Étude multicentrique prospective ouverte ART-ONE 75 avec comparaison post hoc versus placebo. An effective translation: The development of hyaluronan-based medical products from the physicochemical, and preclinical aspects.

Evaluation of clinical outcomes of cemented vs uncemented knee prostheses covered with titanium plasma spray and hydroxyapatite: A minimum two years follow-up. Are we scientifically ready to adopt tranexamic acid as a routine in arthroplasty?.

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